Weekly five: Most sought-after weekend road trip destinations in Utah


Whether students are taking spring and summer terms off or continuing school, they are often searching for mini vacations away from Provo.

Here are some of the top destinations within a six-hour radius from Provo:

1. Moab

Moab is a highly sought-after destination for hikers and tourists around the world. It is famous for the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Moab has outlets for any form of adventure, from high-lining to mountain biking to the annual Moab Jeep Safari.

During the summer, BYU junior Jeff Rose tries to visit Moab in any spare time he can manage.

“I love visiting Moab so much that sometimes I consider it my home away from home,” Rose said. “It just never gets old. There is always so much to climb and do that I always look forward to my next adventure back.”

2. St. George

St. George is located about three and a half hours south of Provo and is known for consistently having some of the best weather in Utah. Many people take short trips to St. George to get a reminder of what real sunshine feels like or to view the shows at the Tuacahn Amphitheater.

UVU junior and St. George native Tasha Hickman finds any excuse to make a quick trip home in between semesters.

“St. George is the closest thing to California in Utah,” Hickman said. “The only thing that makes California better than St. George is the ocean and Disneyland.”

3. Park City

Many think of Park City as more of a winter destination; however, there is still so much to do and see during the warmer seasons. Park City is known for its outdoor recreation. From horseback riding, to biking, to golfing to the Alpine slides, Park City is the ultimate destination to relax and enjoy everything Utah has to offer.

4. Las Vegas

When students are ready for a complete opposite environment than is offered in Provo, they head to Sin City. While Vegas has a negative reputation, there is a lot of fun and excitement appropriate for BYU students.

UVU junior Cory Holton, from Apple Valley, Calif., tries to make at least one Vegas trip each semester.

“It’s the highlight of my semester to get away and ‘let loose’ for a few days,” Holton. “The shows and dining and overall scene is just what I need to refresh when school gets rough.”

5. Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the United States and is located roughly six hours north of Provo. Aside from the beautiful mountainside scenery of the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone is also home to one of the world’s largest wildlife preserves. The Firehole River and Fountain Paint Pot are by far the most sought-after sites in Yellowstone. It is rare to find a place that combines the scientific and scenic in one area.

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