The right to choose


One of the biggest controversies right now at BYU is the pressure related to girls going on missions. With the recent age change, a new stigma has been formed for both girls who want to go on missions and girls who do not have the desire to go.

This pressure comes from both males and females. As far as female peer pressure goes, young women who have decided to go on missions sometimes look down upon others who have put it off or decided to pursue other things.

With regards to dating, there are generally two different viewpoints that males have on this issue. The first is that boys only want to date girls who are “spiritual enough” or willing to make the sacrifice to go. The second viewpoint is that if a girl is leaving soon to go on a mission, why bother pursuing a relationship with her? This puts girls in both categories under significant pressure and makes a big decision like this far less personal.

I urge students at Brigham Young University to consider the counsel President Monson gave when he said that we must remember that young women are not required to go on missions; it is more of an opportunity to serve the Lord than an obligation. Each girl has the right to make her own decision and should not be negatively judged for whatever choice she makes.


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