Spring cleaning starts in Provo


Dave Jarvis lives in Provo and has been coming to Spring cleanup here for more than 20 years. He moved to Provo from Los Alamos, NM, in 1990 and says he’s relatively active in the community.

“It’s a community effort. The town I grew up in always had both spring and fall cleanup, and this is the same sort of concept. It’s a way for everyone to pitch in,” Jarvis said.

But not everyone is so up-to-date on their city events, so this year the city has started putting flyers on overflowing trash cans so people know where to take their trash. For the next 6 weeks bins will be in the church parking lot at 4300 North Canyon Road, then move to other locations around Provo through May 11.

There are 6 bins: 2 for organic materials, 3 for household items, and 1 for scrap metal. Sanitary Department officials are asking for extra caution in what people throw in the bins.

“When they throw it in the garbage truck it gets mixed in and it ends up going into the land fill: paint thinners, pesticides, electronic materials like TVs and batteries, ” Richard Bettis, Provo sanitation foreman said.

Bettis recently found 6 oxygen bottles in one of the bins. He says if compacted, the explosion from just one bottle could send trash flying as far as 50 feet. To prevent injuries and harmful materials from ending up in landfills, Bettis suggests carefully sorting through your trash before throwing it into the bins, and if you’re not sure to ask the trash attendant who is on site to answer any questions.

For information on what you can and can’t throw away visit www.suvswd.org, and for dates and locations of bins check http://yardwaste.provo.org or call (801) 852-6000.

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