How men actually feel about lipstick


Lipstick has found its way back into fashion and on the lips of many women, but it is sometimes difficult to tell if men are on board with this trend.

Stephanie Blank, an employee at the Provo Towne Center’s Sephora, said the branch is selling great quantities of lipstick this year.

“People are getting into the mood for spring, so bright pinks are really popular,” Blank said.

Many girls enjoy wearing lipstick; it makes them feel more feminine and empowered. But perhaps that creates a problem. Often without women realizing it, their lipstick, and lips, elicit an unintended response in men.

Austin Terry, a junior studying economics, doesn’t see the appeal.

“I don’t like lipstick on principle,” Terry said. “It’s kind of like how some girls don’t like mustaches. It’s the same type of principle.”

Liz Preston wears bright red lipstick while Dallin Skinner decides whether he likes it or not. (Andrea Hudson)

Every man is different, and some have certain reservations about women’s style, just as women do about men’s styles.

Michael Caplin, a sophomore studying pre- management, doesn’t necessarily feel strongly for or against lipstick, but he explains why some men may dislike the makeup.

“Lipstick does always catch people’s eye, but it induces a measure of fear,” Caplin said. “It catches your eye, obviously, because it stands out – it’s just super bold. It’s something that isn’t normal. Everyone has a different lip color, and lipstick is supposed to take a natural shade and make it extreme. The fear that it induces is like, ‘Here’s something that has more game than me.’ It requires more work.”

Whether it makes women appear more high maintenance, or enhances their confidence, lipstick makes a statement.

“Some people can wear it, and some people can’t,” Caplin said. “And I think more than the color of the lips, it’s the personality of the person.”

Tanner Maddux, a sophomore studying pre- management, feels differently about lipstick.

“I’d kiss a girl wearing lipstick, sure,” Maddux said. “It’s like a stamp.”

Maddux may be one of the few who like the idea of kissing a girl wearing lipstick. The “stamp” shows that he kissed a girl, which he is just fine with.

After asking 60 men on the BYU campus which of two visually similar images of actress Emma Watson they thought more attractive, a trend began to appear. In one of the images, Watson wore bright red lipstick, while in the other she was sporting natural lips. Twenty-six men picked the lipstick picture, but the majority opted for the more subtle look.

Overall, the men agree they noticed the red lips first, but once they thought about it, they preferred the natural lips. Some even admitted that it was because they can’t kiss the lipstick – it’s too much.

Lipstick has its time and place. Nicole Ashby, a sophomore studying elementary education, explained her opinion on the lipstick trend.

“I think that for different events it makes sense,” Ashby said. “Red lipstick is kind of fancy, but for a day at school, some people will be in sweats, but some will be all dressed up.”

Ashby agrees, however, that lipstick is not for everyone.

“Sometimes I feel that fair-skinned girls look better in lipstick,” Ashby said.

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