The evolution of fall trends throughout the past semester


On the first day of fall semester, colored skinny jeans painted the sidewalks as students strolled to class. Later, lacy tops and outlandish jewelry sparkled and gleamed as women went about their daily schoolwork. And lastly, army boots covered the once brightly colored skinny jeans.

While the past fall fashion trends have come and gone during the semester, they did make an impression on several students. Some BYU students are beginning their predictions for what will last and what will fade with the new year.

Nicole Cardon, an employee at the BYU Bookstore, works at the cash register overseeing the clothing section. She said she has observed the student population buying a variety of trendy apparel items.

“I have seen students buy really bright colors, stripes, lacy chiffon shirts and maxi and asymmetrical skirts,” Cardon said.

She said people are no longer showing interest in the over-sized, loose tops, that used to be popular.

Laurel Peacock, a freshman from Orem, majoring in neuroscience, said there will be trends that fade.

“I think that colored skinny jeans were too popular,” Peacock said. “A lot of people had them so they kind of got too used.”

Peacock sticks with the classic lace and pea coats. She said she has not observed any new trends on campus, but appreciates BYU’s stylish student body.

McKenna Murray, an 18-year-old freshman from Las Vegas, majoring in environmental science, said the colored skinny jeans were the most noticeable of the fall trends. Murray has nothing against the colored pants but prefers other styles for her fashion line up. She said she is a personal fan of the vintage style that is having a comeback this season.

“Vintage is always something I have done since I have been picking out my own clothes,” Murray said. “I think I am going to keep up with that (style) regardless of the trend.”

Murray said BYU has a stylish student body, especially in certain departments. Murray said the HFAC is the go-to for the university’s fashionistas and trend-setters.

Audrey Blake, a senior from Houston, majoring in  English, does not look to other students for fashion ideas. Blake said she does not follow trends, rather starts them. Of the trends she follows, she said the prep school look is her personal favorite.

“I think that the preppy style has been in way more than ever,” Blake said. “That is one that I have always followed and will always follow.”

In addition to the preppy style, Blake enjoyed the mixed animal print and patterns.

“I will follow the leopard,” Blake said. “A good, strong animal print that doesn’t look tacky is always a good thing.”

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