Students show flair with leopard and floral print pants


Some BYU students are embracing their youth with wild pants suited for a zoo.

Whether it be leopard or floral print, students say the recent fall trend of patterned pants is livening up their wardrobe before the dark and dreary winter sets in.

Keyla Rodriguez, a 21-year-old from Gilbert, Ariz., majoring in graphic design, owns a pair of gray, leopard-print pants. Rodriguez said her closet needed a face lift and leopard print was a creative alternative to her original denim option.

“For the past couple years, jeans have been the common thing to wear,” Rodriguez said. “Now, it is fun to change things up, like wearing leopard-print pants. People are getting creative with their outfits.”

Rodriguez wears her leopard pants for fun. She said they work well with boots in the winter and are lively enough for summer. Rodriguez said she believes now is the time for students to get a little crazy with their fashion.

“We are students, so now is the time to wear fun and crazy things,” she said. “I mean, why not wear leopard-print pants?”

For Rodriguez, the subtle grey leopard is enough of a fashion statement. She said she thinks some floral print pants are a little out there.

Taylor Veater, a senior from Coarsegold, Calif., majoring in business marketing, enjoys wearing her floral-print pants. She also owns a pair of leopard-print leggings. Veater said the flower pants were a necessary purchase, adding variation to her wardrobe. She owns two floral-patterned pants: a white pair with a large flower print and a gray pair with flowers subtly placed everywhere.

“For me, I have a lot of plain shirts, and it is fun to pair these pants with them,” Veater said.

Similar to Rodriguez, Veater said she believes these pants are a form of expression.

“It is just one more way for people to individualize themselves and express who they are,” she said. “Anything worn with confidence can be worn well.”

Veater wears her pants as everyday attire. She wore them as an EFY counselor and to school. While she enjoys wearing these fun pants, Veater has no plans on purchasing more.

“I don’t wear them a lot because they are bold,” she said. “I think two pairs is the maximum for what I like wearing.”

Kirk Fong, a senior from Honolulu, Hawaii, majoring in city planning, does not wear leopard- or floral-print pants, but he does wear surf shorts with various prints and designs. Most of his surf shorts depict a tropical setting.

“In Hawaii, anything goes,” Fong said. “You can wear surf shorts to the movies or to the mall. It is kind of like dressing up when you have a nice pair of swim shorts on. You can wear them anywhere, just not your wedding.”

Fong said they are comfortable but make him stand out.

“Here on the mainland, in Provo, I feel out of place,” he said. “People will ask, ‘Oh, are you going to go swimming?’ And I am not.”

As far as floral-print pants, Fong does not care what people wear.

“Some people focus too much on the outside person, rather than the inside person,” he said.

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