The Weekly 5: Five things to do in November


It’s already November, and many of you are “wondering where has the semester gone?”  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and soon after that come finals and the holiday season. With so much happening, it’s easy to get caught up in the stressed and busy lifestyles of being a student. But don’t overwhelm yourself, and make sure to still have fun. When you need a break, a date, a chill night or a reason to procrastinate school work,  here are the top five things to do in November:

1. November 8–9: Mormon Media Studies Symposium, BYU Conference Center

This year has been deemed, by media scholars, “The Mormon Moment.” Sponsored by the Communications Department, this bi-annual event will offer a great opportunity to look at the whole picture of what is meant by the “Mormon Moment.” Spokesperson for the event Sherry Baker said the event will be both fun and educational.

“The symposium will will cover a broad spectrum of topics,” Baker said. “Those who attend will gain insight into the new and emerging field of Mormon media studies. The rare showing of the 1922 film ‘Trapped by the Mormons’ will make for a great date because there are no fees. People will be able to learn a lot from the symposium, and there is also fun involved.”

2. November 9: The next chapter in the James Bond story, “Skyfall,” hits theaters

“Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” rocked box offices, and the third segment of these action-packed films is highly anticipated. The movie will release on Friday, Nov. 9.

3. November 14–18: Celebrating 100 Years of Magic — Disney on Ice, Energy Solutions Arena

To celebrate a century of magic, 65 unforgettable characters from 18 different stories come to life on the rink. Past intern and entertainment cast member at the magic kingdom and Disney enthusiast Aria Love Jackson believes this to be the perfect release people need from the pitfalls of a busy life.

“This is a good opportunity for people who aren’t able to make it to the park to experience the Disney magic in person,” Love Jackson said. “I believe it’s important for people to be able to enjoy themselves and forget all their worries for just a night. When times are as hard as these, an escape is important. What better escape is there than the magic of Disney we’ve all loved since our youth?”

4. November 23: Utah Jazz vs. Jimmer and the Sacramento Kings, Energy Solutions Arena

Jimmer fans, this one’s for you. You have the chance to see Jimmer play again, only it’s not in his backyard this time. On Nov. 23, the Utah Jazz will play the Sacramento Kings. Scott Goldsmith, a lifelong Jazz fan, feels this game will be more of a Jimmer-support game than a Jazz fans vs. Kings fans game.

“Jimmer’s going to get more playing time and will definitely play better because there are so many people from BYU who will be cheering his name,” Goldsmith said. “People will be there to support him, not the team. Yeah, seeing him play will be an added bonus, but I stick with my team through the thick and thin.”

5. November 30: The Killers to play at the UCCU Events Center, Orem.

Since Brandon Flowers’ appearance in the ‘I’m a Mormon’ campaign, The Killers have been gaining popularity in the BYU student community. On Friday, Nov. 30, The Killers will rock the stage at the UCCU Events Center.

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