New Hunting Boundaries Spark Controversy


Utah’s buck-hunting season is in full swing but a policy change has some hunters up in arms.

The areas of land included in Utah’s hunting boundaries are being sizably reduced. The new system is designed to keep better track of the buck-to-doe ratio, but some are complaining that the new boundaries don’t leave them enough room to hunt.  Scott Root of the Department of Wildlife Resources says he understands the criticism, but insists that smaller units will benefit hunters and Mother Nature alike.

“The bottom line is that you’ll have fewer people hunting around and hopefully you’ll have a better chance of getting a buck,” said Root.  “There’s a lot of politics and we take public comment, but we gotta do our biology.”

Deer population is declining in recent years and Root says a high buck-to-doe ratio is the key to getting it back to a healthy level.

General-Season for buck hunting ends on October 28th.

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