BYU Tennis Team Plays This Weekend


After a successful weekend playing the BYU Invitational Tournament, the lady Cougars are going on the road to two different states. The players will represent BYU at the Boise Invitational in Idaho, and at the Cal Invitational in Berkeley. Head coach Lauren Jones says that this is a good opportunity for the athletes to get a lot of playing time against some of the top players in the country.

“It’s great for the girls to see different levels in the tennis game…I think it would be good for our girls to compete against the level that we want to get up to. It’s good for the girls to compete against the best,” said Jones.

Two seniors and a sophomore are going to Idaho, while the younger players will be at the bigger tournament in California playing Pac-12 schools.

“Last year was my first time playing Berkeley tournament, so this year I know what to expect from the players and how they are going to play,” said the Junior player.

Both competitions start on Friday the 28th. BYU will have a total of five tournaments this fall before the regular season starts.

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