Knights in training attend summit


Is chivalry dead? Two hundred knights in shining armor don’t think so, and that’s what brought them to the Mastering Knighthood annual two-day summit in South Jordan.

“Chivalry is about living knightly virtues, and chivalry is not dead,” said Gregory Downey, the herald.

Mastering knighthood brings youth and young adults together to a simpler time where traditional values, and even weapons like catapults still reign. In this knight’s tale, that impact even makes its way to the battlefield.

“You have to go in strong, hard, and you have to get as aggressive as possible,” said Caleb Downey, an 11-year-old knight in training.

However, this two-day summit is meant to give boys more than just training in battle; it hopes to make them men.

“Boys are needing a place in this world where they can feel strong and empowered. It’s a service-oriented feeling here,” said Emily Clawson, queen of the ceremony.

After the feast, the knights and ladies put away their armor and crowns until next year.

Mastering Knighthood is run entirely by volunteers. If you wish to get involved, visit

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