Provo’s new look


Welcome home!  This new slogan is flooding Provo streets with banners from the city’s latest rebranding efforts.  City officials started this process back in 2010 and say these changes needed to happen.

Helen Anderson in the Mayor’s office said, “Our logo is outdated and we had a number of departments and divisions that had developed their own logos over time. And so there has certainly been a lack of continuity.”  The Mayor’s office released a style guide with new city logos.  One main difference is that the first ‘O’ in Provo is customized for each department.

The city chose ‘Welcome Home’ as its slogan to figuratively and literally welcome those who visit and live here.  The city’s economic department says this also affects businesses looking to expand or relocate to Provo.  “Regardless about what we say about Provo, it’s really kind of what they think about Provo. So this kind of reflects that,” said Dixon Holmes, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development.

This is also reflected in national rankings.  Forbes named Provo the number one spot for “Best Place for Business and Careers.”  “We don’t wake up every morning and say we’re going to work on that list…It’s really not Provo city, it’s the businesses, it’s the people that are here,” said Holmes.

So the next time you drive through Provo, be ready for that welcome home feeling.

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