Fractured dreams


When people talk about the breaks of the game, they’re not usually talking about body parts. BYU basketball forward Chris Collinsworth knows all about those kinds of breaks. He faces microfracture ankle surgery this week; his third surgery in as many years. His injuries are so major and so frequent that Collinsworth had to make a tough decision: he’s retiring from NCAA basketball.

Basketball players at every level know how dangerous the sport can be. Most players have experienced a sprained ankle (or twenty) and are familiar with the wear and tear that the game can have on your body. For some, injuries seem to come easier than for others, but once you reach a certain point, it’s difficult to come back.

Collinsworth’s latest ankle injury is the last straw and he decided he is past the point of no return.  Pain during summer workouts led to an MRI which revealed underlying fractures in his left ankle. Microfracture surgery is considered minimally invasive, but Collinsworth won’t recover until after this season.

“It’s been really hard physically and mentally,” Collinsworth said in a statement. “It’s time to move on.”

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