Women's golf travels to New Mexico for Dick McGuire Invitational


The BYU women’s golf team heads down to New Mexico to compete in the Dick McGuire Invitational on Monday.

Several of the players know the New Mexico course and have played there in previous years.

“It does present some challenges, but if you’re smart you can play through it,” senior Amanda Keith said.

Junior Annika Afoa Kahaiali’l said she feels the same way about the New Mexico course.

“If you get on the wrong side or if you’re below or above the green it’s pretty challenging,” Kahaiali’l said. “Getting to the green is not as bad, but green-wise, it’s pretty difficult.”

Nonetheless, coach Carrie Roberts is positive and ready to take on the challenge.

“I’m really excited about this course,” Roberts said. “New Mexico has kind of the same altitude, it’s very similar. I’m excited; I like this course a lot.”

Spirits are high as the team gets ready to travel down to New Mexico. Many of the athletes have their own goals, as well as several team goals they’ve set for this tournament.

“I want to finish every tournament in the top 20,” Keith said. “Top 20 is a solid finish, and I feel like if I’m able to place in the top 20 then it will set me up for a great post season.”

As far as the team goes, Kahaiali’l said they are ready to compete.

“I really want us to win,” Kahaiali’l said. “Or be in the top three of the tournament.”

But whatever the result the girls said their team goals are key to a great season.

“I expect to be in the top five of all the teams there when we finish,” Keith said. “Our goal is to finish every round as a combined force of sub 300, so 300 or below, and I feel like that’s something that is completely attainable.”

The women’s golf team welcomes one addition this year, freshman Leah Garner. Roberts said she and the rest of the team is confident in Garner’s abilities and believes she will do well at this tournament.

“She had a great summer,” Roberts said. “She’s a real good player. I think as a freshman she’s going to do well.”

Garner is also no stranger to high intensity tournaments.

“She has experience playing in national tournaments,” Kahaiali’l said. “I’m sure she’s going to get back into the mold of things and should do pretty well.”

The team begins the tournament Monday and finishes up on Tuesday.

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