Women’s Soccer Ticket Sales


Goals are dropping faster than fans can enter the field for the Lady Cougars this season. But more fans bring longer lines to the ticket booth.

“We just feel so fortunate to have such great fan support, with our marketing crew and our facilities people and everything. They have done such a great job to make it the atmosphere that it is, so that people keep wanting to come back,” said Head Coach Jennifer Rockwood.

With nearly five-thousand people coming to every home game, BYU’s Athletic Department decided to make things a bit easier for fans to cheer their Cougs to victory.

“We just built a new ticket booth on the north side of the Smith Fieldhouse last year for volleyball games and we decided that we can open up that ticket booth and sell tickets out of there and just try to reduce the congestion of what’s going on in here and just get people into the game faster,” said Assistant Athletic Director Matt Nix.

With fans having two options to buy tickets, entering the field is now faster than ever.

“As the crowds continue to get bigger and bigger, we may need to make other adjustments. We may need to build a new ticket booth or change some things around, but we’ll just kind of evaluate and try to accomodate things the best we can,” said Assistant Athletic Director Matt Nix.

Head over to South Field Saturday night at seven pm and be a part of the record-breaking crowds when the Lady Cougars take on 23rd ranked Washington.

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