eviDANCE takes a whole new spin on the World of Dance


The BYU touring dance companies are coming together to perform in a unified manner expressing how dance is a part of their everyday lives this weekend in the de Jong Concert Hall.

eviDANCE is the new name for World of Dance and is a spinoff of the performance’s former concept. Instead of having each genre of dance perform right after the other, eviDANCE will integrate all the genres into one concert with an underlying theme. Dances will be grouped into four themes according to the characteristics of dance: mysterious, romantic, whimsical and life. The name of this performance, eviDANCE, was chosen carefully with a unique meaning behind it.

“In one way, eviDANCE is a play on the word evidence. I think the idea is that dance is a part of life, and there are evidences of dance in everything,” said Heidi Johnson, an exercise science major and a member on the International Folk Dance Ensemble. “I also believe that ‘evi’ means life or alive, again showing that dance is an integral part of life.”

With the diversity of dance styles coming together into one performance, the audience will see how each dance style can be connected even though they are different. The dancers have been preparing and learning different choreography in hopes of bringing the BYU audience an exciting show.

“There is so much talent, and seeing all these amazing dancers together on stage is an experience like no other,” said Kristin Brown, a dance major and a member on the Contemporary Dance Theatre. “It also allows people to see genres that they wouldn’t normally see; they may come away with some new favorites.”

The dancers hope to show the BYU audience the true meaning of their art form. The performers live and breathe dance everyday and hope people can appreciate it as much as they do. Elise Meiners, an exercise science major and a member on Theatre Ballet, said dance is their special way of communicating and expressing emotion.

“In my opinion, dancing is life, or the way to express things in my life,” Meiners said. “We spend so much time every day trying to communicate or understand communication in some way. It’s the same thing with dance. I hope the audience will be able to come and understand the messages we will be sharing.”

eviDANCE will have night performances Sept. 12 to 15 at 7:30 p.m., as well as a 2 p.m. matinee on Sept. 15.



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