President Samuelson boosts faculty, staff


BYU’s faculty and staff gathered Tuesday to hear from President Cecil O. Samuelson in the 2012 Annual University Conference. President Samuelson reported on current projects and developments on campus.

The university president spoke on the unique platform that BYU is built on, as a private university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. President Samuelson reassured faculty members that the stature of BYU has never been higher in the church and in the world.

“More than ever the actions and behaviors of members of our community both good and the bad tend to be magnified in their impact in that of our work and in that of church,” President Samuelson said. “We must not forget that the mission of Brigham Young University will never be altered or changed from the prophetically-chartered course we have directed and blessed to follow.”

President Samuelson said the beginning of a new fall semester is a perfect time to reflect on progress and on the future.

President Samuelson spoke about the construction on campus with the new Heritage Halls dorms, the new Life Sciences Building that will eventually replace the Widtsoe Building, the expansion of the Bean Museum, the expansion of pedestrian overpasses and the new seating in the Marriott Center. He commented on the success of the year-old Student Wellness Program and the updated Fitness Center.

Academic success continues to be top priority for BYU, President Samuelson said. Last year, the university received more applications for admission than ever before. He expressed his appreciation for the qualified and motivated individuals who will be teaching and helping the students who are attending BYU this fall.

“I trust all of you know that Brigham Young University is a very special place,” President Samuelson said. “With so many positive developments and progress we must never forget that we still have much yet to do.”

The exposure of BYU continues to increase nationally through BYU football’s independent program and the expansion of BYUTV in the newly-built BYU Broadcasting Center.  President Samuelson said whatever changes may come, BYU will continue to make decisions that will best benefit the students of the university.

“Let me also assure you that as our circumstances change and the needs of our students and community differentiate so must the way in which we as a university conducts its teaching, learning and other businesses being responsive to our current environment,” he said.

President and his wife, Sharon, will address the entire student body in the first devotional of the 2012 Fall Semester on Sept. 4 in the Marriott Center.

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