Man on the street: What’s your favorite thing about Education Week?


“Being able to pick an area of your life that you would like to learn more how to deal with or to get skills to manage. These teachers are here to help you find answers.”

Cecelia Pawlowski

Loveland, Colo.

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“My favorite teacher is Hank Smith. He’s funny and excited about life. And Lani (Hilton), she’s just excited to teach and knows what she’s about.”

Hannah Wight


“I like the teachers. They’re so funny and they make learning fun while you’re learning so much.”

Kailey Powell


“The classes — just all the knowledge that these people have … and the spirit that is with them.”

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David Ochoa

Vidor, Texas

“The many different classes that build me up. All of it has been fantastic. It’s all just really exciting. It’s my first year.”

Debbie McGuire

Gilbert, Ariz.

“The spirit that I’m feeling here. The music and the testimonies and the understanding I’m receiving about things I’m concerned about.”

Rick Laing

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Idaho Falls, Idaho

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