Summer fishing opportunities in Utah Valley


Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources recently created a website giving users new information to help maximize fishing use of Utah Lake. Utah Lake is Utah’s largest fresh water lake but is not used for recreation nearly as much as other smaller lakes in Utah that are farther away.

Scott Reach, DWR’s outreach manager, said he feels that a lack of recreational activity is primarily due to a lack of information, especially with access points to the lake.

“I have had many people, especially hunters and anglers, ask me about access to the lake,”  Reach said.

Reach explained the creation of the new DWR webpage clearly identifies the 25 access points to the lake while also supplying directions to each of the areas. The DWR’s webpage also includes photographs, GPS coordinates, facility and fee information and various other tips necessary to maximize residents’ use of the lake.

“Hopefully the webpage will help people feel comfortable about recreating at Utah Lake,” said Reach. “We will add more access points to the webpage as new access sites are added or improved.”

This time of year is especially ideal for fishing on Utah Lake, which is home to everything from catfish to large mouth bass and bluegill to carp fish.  Some fish in the lake have certain limits on how many you are allowed to catch while others are unlimited.

For individuals that have never been fishing before, Utah Valley has numerous opportunities for beginners to get first-time fishing experience. Spring Lake Trout Farm is a  “No-Limit, No-License” fish farm  in Payson, located 25 minutes from downtown Provo.

Gary Robinaugh, a graduate of BYU from Michigan, recently went fishing at Spring Lake. He explained that he heard about the farm from a family friend and was immediately interested because of its strong reputation of being fun for first-timers.

“They handed me the pole with the bait on it in front of the pond. Within two minutes, I had my first fish, ” Robinaugh said.

Robinaugh said he really enjoyed his experience with Spring Lake and felt it was a perfect introduction to fishing.

“The fish actually tasted really good. The experience overall was great for me and my family. It had a great atmosphere,” Robinaugh said.


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