The faces of innovation


The Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology used to be a well-kept secret at BYU, but its programs are growing.

“People who don’t think they would start a business don’t have to, but they should still learn about entrepreneurship,” Scott Peterson, managing director for the Rollins Center, said. “The principles of entrepreneurship cross into any field [a student] decides to go into. Really, it is a person’s ability to communicate their value.”

The Rollins Center not only offers classes on entrepreneurship based upon the lean startup, but also gives students the opportunity to learn and grow through projects and independent ventures such as BYU’s annual Business Plan Competition. The following are a few winners of the competition from the past few years, showcasing what it takes to be innovative.

“The innovation here at BYU is stellar on a student basis,” Petersen said, “It is so exciting to see college students be so good and so talented, and have done such good work at such a young age.”

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