Letter: Save a life


The other day, while studying in the library, I overheard a conversation about organ donation. In it, two of the three participants gave similar reasons as to why they were not donors.

First, because “it’s so weird to think of a part of me being in somebody else.” Their second reason was they mutually believed to have “heard somewhere” organ donation was against the gospel. The third individual, who was a registered donor, was unfortunately left unsure.

I’d like to address the two frankly ridiculous reasons the first two students gave. First, there is no doctrine in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants or other modern revelations that prohibits, discourages or even hints at blood or organ donation as being unholy in anyway. Anything and anyone saying otherwise is incorrect. Second, having your organ in someone else is not weird, it is one of the most beautiful forms of service there is. My uncle’s life was saved five years ago by receiving the heart of some decent person who was registered as a donor, and since then he has adopted his two beautiful children and given them a good life. In one simple act, one person changed at least three lives forever. In my opinion, anyone who isn’t a registered organ donor is either incredibly selfish or incredibly lazy. Honestly, organ donation is this simple: when you die you aren’t using your organs so why not let someone else use them? It is easy to become registered and the effects it can have are incredible.

I realize that some are restricted by medical or strict religious reasons (not including any Mormons), but for everyone else I plead, become a registered organ donor and save a life.


Kent, Wash.

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