All-Sport Pass is a BYU sports fan’s most important possession


An All-Sport Pass is a BYU sports fan’s most important possession, because it grants them access to every NCAA sporting event at BYU.

There are two types of passes. One includes admission to all NCAA sporting events, the other offers admission to everything except football.

Football is the only sport where seating is assigned. When students purchase their passes, they can form groups of up to 30 people to sit with at the games. You can also choose rotated seating where your group is rotated around the student section to different seats every game, or non-rotated seating so your group sits in the same seats every single game. Non-rotated tickets are more expensive. Your ticket is emailed to you before each home football game, and don’t forget your student ID when you head over to the stadium.

Kirstin Anderson, a junior from Davis, Calif., and a die-hard BYU sports fan, buys her pass every year. She said football tickets are the main reason for getting a sports pass.

“I go to every sporting event I can to show my sports fan-hood,” Anderson said. “BYU sports rock, and that always puts me in a good mood.”

For all other sports, admission is first come, first served. Men’s basketball is notorious for fans camping out days in advance for front-row seats. Volleyball matches usually have long lines outside the Smith Fieldhouse waiting for the doors to open and the BYU women’s soccer team always plays for a packed stadium at the South Field. Gymnastics gets a good showing of fans, and the seats are excellent. You can also get prime seats at the nationally ranked women’s basketball games.

Having an All-Sport Pass gives students the opportunity to socialize and experience different sports they would otherwise miss.

David Willis, a senior from Tucson, Ariz., became a basketball fan since coming to BYU because his pass gave him the opportunity to see many games.

“You gain an appreciation for the team and you enjoy the environment at the Marriott Center,” Willis said. “It’s a good way to meet people who have the same interests as you.”

Sporting events that are NCAA, but do not require an admission charge or an All-Sport Pass, include swimming, diving, golf and men’s and women’s tennis. Tennis matches are three to five hours long and provide free pizza.

Other BYU sports that are not NCAA — like men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s soccer, ice hockey and rugby — require a small admission charge that a sport pass does not cover.

All-Sport Passes go on sale for the 2012-2013 season on Aug. 6. All students eligible to register for classes can purchase an All-Sport Pass online and then pick it up at the Marriott Center ticket office. Each eligible student is allowed to purchase three guest passes for family members.

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