New Student Orientation

New student orientation leads to friendships, prepares freshmen

Thousands of students flooded campus Aug. 29 for the beginning of fall semester's New Student Orientation. Y-Group leaders led groups of students through campus from Aug. 29-31 and helped them navigate campus and differentiate between tricky building initialisms like JKB, JSB and JFSB.

BYU grads release a guide for future students

Two BYU alumni looked back on their own college experience to create the guidebook Acing BYU, which helps students know what opportunities are available to them.

Inflatable fun on campus continuing despite serious student injury

BYU officials OK'd the continued use of bounce houses and other inflatables at campus activities following a safety review after a serious injury during New Student Orientation.

BYU freshman inspiring others after life-threatening injury

Josh Hinton, a Stansbury Park, Utah native and incoming freshman, lined up for a bounce house obstacle course on the last day of BYU New Student Orientation on Aug. 29. Using his skills as a track and cross-country runner, Josh was off at the sound of “Go.”

Provo engineer develops life-saving walkie talkie technology

A scene in 1993’s “Rudy,” shows the main character and a friend working in a steel mill. To communicate, one walks the length of the factory, taps on the shoulder of the other and yells. To one Provo businessman, this exchange is just not efficient. What if you didn't have to yell? What if you could just talk?

9/11 survivor shares lessons learned from tragedy

Thirteen years after the 9/11 attacks, Lauren Manning told of her brush with death and remarkable recovery Tuesday at the UVU Grand Ballroom. At the...