Stewart Falls provides a hiking adventure for the whole family


Stewart Falls is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Utah with a 200-foot waterfall that cascades down the backside of Mount Timpanogos. With a relatively short round-trip trail of 3.5 miles, Stewart Falls is a great afternoon destination for the whole family this summer.

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Stewart Falls is known for being one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Utah.
You can find just about anyone on the Stewart Falls trail from babies and toddlers to elderly hikers and even the occasional couple taking bridal photos (wedding dress and all). The beautiful waterfall, short trail and moderate incline attract people of all ages and athletic abilities.

The falls can be reached from two different trails. For a shorter walk, hikers can ride Ray’s lift from the Sundance Ski Area up to Ray’s Summit and then hike down to the falls. The other access point is at Aspen Grove along the Alpine Scenic Loop.

From the parking lot at Aspen Grove, hikers can access several different trails, so make sure you know which trail you want to hike because they are not clearly marked. The Stewart Falls trail begins next to the restrooms at the end of the parking lot and meanders through a field of grass and wildflowers before cutting into the trees and heading up the side of the ridge.

The first quarter mile of the hike is one of the steepest parts, but don’t let that deter you. It gets easier from there as it cuts across the south-east side of Timpanogos. As the trail approaches the falls, it descends to a rocky ridge with a beautiful view of Stewart Falls and the valley below.

From there, more experienced hikers can walk down a moderately steep trail that leads to the bottom of the falls. During years with heavy snowfall, the area beneath the falls is often covered in snow pack that is several feet deep and lasts all the way through the summer months, but there is no ice for hikers to worry about this year following an unusually dry winter.

The trail to the falls is partially covered but can get hot, so hikers should dress appropriately and bring sunscreen. If you plan on hiking down to the bottom of the falls, however, you may want to bring a jacket because the ice cold mist from the Stewart Falls can drop the temperature by as many as 20 degrees.

Parking at Aspen Grove requires an entry fee of $6 for a three-day pass which is paid at a toll booth on the Alpine Scenic Loop. Parking is free at the Sundance Ski Area and lift tickets to Ray’s Summit can be purchased at the resort. Adults are $11 and children 6-12 are $9. Children five and under ride for free.

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Aspens and wildflowers line the trail to Stewart Falls.
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