Letter: Y-Harmony


While perhaps an “engaging” topic, I had to wonder if this past week’s headline story (“Leaving with a Diploma but Not a Ring” (4/12) really was representative of what a BYU graduation should mean. True, BYU’s sponsoring institution promotes marriage; however, is BYU in the business of matching people up before the cap and gown? Perhaps a more telling examination, and one that both students and officials should certainly concern themselves with, is how many people have left BYU with a ring but no degree. An accompanying story addressed one such case (“Mother and daughter graduating together (4/12)). It is laudable that she returned. Ina Devotional, President Cecil O. Samuelson stated the following: “While we strongly encourage … your active involvement in … finding an eternal companion, you must never forget that your primary reason for being at BYU is to make the most of the academic opportunities afforded you” (Seven Suggestions, Jan 4, 2011). We can beat a drum all day about marriage, but BYU is not a dating service that teaches algebra on the side.


Salt Lake City

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