Police Beat: Musical recruiter escorted from HFAC


Criminal Activity

March 8 – A Provo police officer found five BYU students smoking marijuana in a van parked by a local business around 4 a.m. During investigation, the officer found out these students had connections to the recent drug bust in May Hall. They were cited for drug possession.

Suspicious Activity

March 10 – Two individuals reported seeing a college-age female abducted near the Indoor Practice Facility building. They told the officer a male got out of the passenger seat of a white Ford van and forced her to get in the van while swearing at her. Police officers have not received any missing person report yet. It is still under investigation.

March 12 – A male was reported for soliciting in the HFAC building. He was constantly recruiting students for a musical. A BYU police officer told him conducting personal business is not allowed on university property and escorted him out.


March 12 – A BYU student from a foreign country was reported for making constant money deposits to his student ID card using an invalid credit card.  It is currently under investigation.


March 10 – A male was arrested for threatening an employee at the Richards Building. The employee said the man had constantly used the sport facilities without making any payment. The man was asked to leave the facility but he did not comply. When the employee tried to call police, the man got mad and hit the employee. He was issued a 72-hour ban from the university.

March 10 – A student teaching assistant was reported for making verbal threats against a female student and her mother. It is currently under investigation.


March 9 – A student reported his bike stolen from the bike rack by the WSC. He said the bike was locked. The student said the bike was worth $480.

March 9 – A bike was reported stolen from the bike rack south of the Harold B. Lee Library. The owner said the bike was worth $100.

Match 9 – A bike was reported stolen from the JKB building bike rack. The student said the bike was worth $50.

Found Property

March 12 – A female student found $60 cash near the JSB. She turned it in to BYU Police.

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