Letter: Faithful LDS women


This past Thursday, I hosted a visiting lecturer to campus and catered an accompanied luncheon which followed the lecture. While preparing for the catered lunch, I walked down one of those long hallways in the basement of the JFSB. I carried in one hand several items for the luncheon and in the other hand an oversized banquet table. The hallway, as usual, was lined with students seated on the floor studying. As I struggled with my burdensome load I passed several male students — priesthood holders, I presume, many of them were.

Midway down the hall, I came upon my first female student, who, seeing my predicament, jumped to her feet and asked if I needed help — to which, I hastily and thankfully replied in the affirmative. (May I thank her once again through this letter to The Daily Universe).

I needed a second table. Again, in the same long hallway, I passed by more than 25 male students of which not one offered to serve or assist me. As Sister Sheri Dew, a frequent visitor and lecturer to this campus, has often commented, the powerful impact strong and faithful LDS women can have on the world is astounding. The LDS Church may be led by faithful brethren of the priesthood, of which I sustain. But because of my helpful assistant in the JFSB hallway, I have to give a shout-out to the amazing women in the Church and in my life who sustain me, serve me and been a profound influence in my life. Thank you to all of them.

Ron Spotts
College of Humanities

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