Letter: Bring on the burgers


Delicious cheeseburgers stuffed with beefy goodness. Who could say no to that? Whenever I go to the Cougareat, the area around Teriyaki Stix is like a ghost town. Teriyaki Stix was installed for the purpose of feeding the masses, but it only feeds the minority few. Why not replace Teriyaki Stix with In and Out then? Teriyaki Stix is expensive for a bowl of rice and meat; all their dishes are over five dollars, while the burgers at In-N-Out are three dollars or less. Since we are college students who need to conserve as much money as possible, In and Out is a financially better alternative.

Although some may argue that Teriyaki Stix brings diversity to the table, In-N-Out is a much more successful option than Teriyaki Stix. This way, BYU can get more customers, and the students will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the Cougareat.

I am Asian, and while I do love traditional dishes, I’d be just as tempted by a burger at In-N-Out. So, let’s get rid of the soy sauce soaked rice and bring in the delicious cheeseburgers packed with beefy goodness.


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