Letter: Waiting your turn


Every so often we have those moments where our minds flash back to the glory days of our youth. These were the days we were taught how to share, to play nice with the other kids and how to wait our turn. I guess that’s why I was surprised to watch a fellow student cut to the front of the line in the testing center to take his Stats 121 test on Tuesday. He politely asked if he could pass by us so he could talk to one of the employees about his test. Well, talk he did. Upon hearing “next,” he talked himself straight into the testing center to take his Stats test before everyone else that had been waiting in line for 45 minutes. So to my new friend from the testing center, I hope you did well on your test, and I hope you’ll consider returning to life as a college student and stop pretending you’re back in Kindergarten.


Vancouver, Wash. 

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