Letter: Rejecting judgment


Just a side note for those males on campus who feel that it is their honorable duty to tell a girl they are dressed immodestly: Men, just a good rule to follow in life; don’t comment on how a woman is dressed. It might be OK if it is your spouse, but those of us who are married know that even then it can be dangerous grounds.

Commenting on dress can be considered harassment. According to one source: “Since, there really is no single and defined definition for what sexual harassment is, it is really gauged by the behavior of the individual towards your action. There are three main actions that can usually be taken as sexual harassment. Verbal actions are some of the most common. Making comments about the way a person looks in a sexual way and with a sexual connotation can be considered harassment. Making comments about their bodies or their clothes and how they dress can also be harassment.”

The girls here at BYU do not show too much. If you really are struggling with these issues the problem is most likely your own. Please be aware that the women here at BYU are chaste and respectable and deserve much more respect than we men, some of us still boys obviously, give them.



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