BeeFertile Product Gives Hope to Couples Struggling with Infertility


When one couple started having troubles with fertility, they never thought ingesting a formula with bee products would turn their troubles into a family.

Josh Bellows and Chavah Bellows, co-founders of Hive Naturals, created BeeFertile from an old family formula using bee products to help couples struggling with fertility to increase their chances of having a child.

They said the main thing that sets this fertility supplement apart from the others is their use of bee products.

“The royal jelly in our product makes us completely unique,” Chavah Bellows said. “It is a very powerful combination with the pollen and honey.”

Royal jelly is a secretion from bees. The bees feed royal jelly to the queen bee throughout her life for her to be fertile.

These kits have a three-month supply, which seems to be the “magical number.” There are many things in the kit that are geared toward fertility.

The BeeFertile kits are made for males and females.

“It is a big misconception that the women are the problem,” Josh Bellows said. “Our product focuses on supporting the reproductive health because there are different components that affect fertility in men and women.”

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BeeFertile kits for men and women.
Since BeeFertile is from a family formula, there was some difficulty mass producing the product.

“When we first used the formula, there was not an exact to-the-ounce measurement for the ingredients,” Chavah Bellows said. “It was difficult at first because, for mass production, everything had to be precise with a scientific measurement. The Royal Jelly we are using is more powerful than our manufacturer had ever seen.”

In the process of creating BeeFertile, doctors, chiropractors, alchemists and chemists were involved to guarantee the safety of these products. The products use natural sources that are as close to whole foods as possible.

To extract the ingredients for BeeFertile, the manufacturer uses smokers to clear the hives and harvest what is needed.

“It is a harmless process,” Chavah Bellows said. “It is the exact same process as when people extract honey. Everything is taken care of and there is no harm done at all.”

Autumn Bennett, a stay-at-home mom from San Bernardino, Calif., and her husband were having trouble conceiving naturally. They had paid thousands of dollars to perform in vitro fertilization, which had been successful. The couple decided to try BeeFertile while trying to conceive a third child. After six weeks, the couple had a positive pregnancy test.

“It’s pretty miraculous that we were able to conceive a natural pregnancy,” Bennett said. “We are going to use BeeFertile every time we want to get pregnant. We are sold on the product.”

Overall, the Bellows know their product will not work for everyone who uses it.

“BeeFertile is a good product to optimize your chances of getting pregnant,” Josh Bellows said. “We know that our product is not going to work for everyone, but we know that it can work and we know it can give people hope.”

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