Police Beat



Jan. 31 – A male student stole three textbooks and some food. The total value for the crime was $500. The student was arrested, cited and released.

Feb. 1 – A man stole books from the BYU Bookstore on Jan. 27. He then tried to sell the books and was reported. The suspect was approached by police but denied the theft. After some discussion, he admitted to the theft as well as to another theft. He faces two counts of retail theft.

Feb. 1 – A wallet was reported stolen from the Smith Fieldhouse. The victim called later to report the wallet found with nothing missing.

Feb. 3 – An empty shoebox was found in a dressing room in the BYU Bookstore. Through bookstore cameras outside the dressing room, officials found the girl and caught her before she left the store. The suspect admitted to taking the shoes. She agreed to have her backpack searched. Inside, officials found two skirts and a sweater. The total value of the goods was $110.

Feb. 3 – Five phones with a total value of $2,500 were reported stolen at a high school swim meet in the Richards Building. Two teens had come to the swim meet, but, instead of watching the meet, wandered through the locker rooms gathering cell phones. The suspects took the SIM cards from the phones with the intent to sell them on eBay. Their guardians were contacted and the suspects were referred to the juvenile system.


Jan. 31 – A single male not associated with the university dated a woman more than 30 years ago. He is still interested in her, but she is married and has children. The man has been following the entire family and was reported by the woman’s daughter at the Gonzaga game. He was served a no-contact letter by the BYU Police.

Suspicious Activity

Feb. 1 – A car with the motor running was parked on the sidewalk ramp between the ASB and MOA. The driver was identified and approached by police. The driver was waiting for a friend who had been detained and parked on the ramp to stay out of the way. Police asked him to move off the sidewalk.


Feb. 1 – A resident in Heritage Halls called with a complaint about construction. According to construction workers, a fire alarm went off in one of the buildings being torn down. Due to the building’s instability, the fire alarm was not able to be turned off immediately.

Feb. 6 – A couple in Wymount Terrace was reported having argued all night. Police arrived at the residence. The argument was confirmed, but no illegal activity had taken place. The officer helped to mediate the situation.

Illegal Activity

Jan. 31 – Some children in Wymount Terrace called the police, saying they did not have any parents at home. Police arrived and found a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old home alone. After many attempts, the mom was contacted. She said she was on her way home and would never leave her children home alone again.

Feb. 3 – A smell of marijuana was reported in May Hall. Officers responded to the scene and could smell the marijuana. They could not tell exactly which door the smell came from. They knocked on the doors in the general area, but nobody answered so officers left the scene.

Feb. 3 – A custodian in the Tanner Building reported students running around the fifth floor at 11 p.m.

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