Students react to Jake Heaps transferring


The news that sophomore quarterback Jake Heaps is transferring from BYU was a hot topic on campus Monday.

Students had opinions and mixed emotions regarding the upcoming transfer of the supposed next great BYU quarterback.

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BYU quarterback Jake Heaps makes a pass during Saturday's game at LaVell Edwards Stadium. BYU defeated ISU 56-3.
Michelle Peterson, a senior majoring in sociology from Sandy, believes transferring is the best move for Heaps.

“I am sad to see him leave BYU,” Peterson said. “I have enjoyed watching him play and seeing his talent, however, I believe this move is the best for his career.”

Peterson also thinks Heaps will find offers from other good schools. But she is worried he will go to the University of Utah.

“I wish Jake the best of luck wherever he goes,” Peterson said. “I will be happy for him, except if he goes to Utah. If he goes to Utah he will betray BYU.”

Chris Guinn, a sophomore majoring in European studies, from Mesa, Ariz., is depressed to see Heaps leave because he wanted him to become BYU’s next great quarterback.

“It is sad to see him go,” Guinn said. “I wanted him to become BYU’s next prolific quarterback, a touchdown thrower.”

Many students are wondering why Heaps is transferring. Guinn believes something just did not click with Heaps.

“Obviously something did not work,” Guinn said. “Whether that was BYU, the coaching style or just him playing college ball, who knows.”

Peterson agrees with Guinn and would like to know what caused Heaps to make this decision.

“I would really like to hear from Heaps and what influenced his decision,” Peterson said. “Last I heard, he wasn’t contemplating transferring so I would like to know why he changed his mind and what his plan is.”

Fred Rodriquez, a senior majoring in political science, said Heaps will suffer the most from his transferring.

“I think it will be tough for Heaps to find a school which fits his style,” Rodriquez said. “I believe BYU was a good fit for him and his passing ability. I really wished he would stay.”

Heaps was an influence in other players committing to BYU, such as wide receiver Ross Apo and linebacker Kyle Van Noy. Rodriquez is worried that these players will leave as well.

“When I heard the news, one of my first thoughts was about Ross Apo,” Rodriquez said. “Everyone knows Heaps played a role in him coming to BYU and I am afraid he will follow Heaps and leave BYU.”

There are some students who do not have any sympathy for the situation and think Heaps is making an irrational move.

Allison Damien, a junior majoring in sociology, from Billings, Mont., believes he is acting childish.

“To me it seems like he is throwing a tantrum because he is not the starting quarterback anymore,” Damron said. “I think he should stay at BYU and grow up.”

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