Letter: The real one percent


When I read about the Occupy protests, I am deeply saddened by the ungrateful attitude in America.

I would like to suggest that to the rest of the world America is the one percent.

The level of wealth and standard of living we enjoy now in this country, even during economic difficulty, has never been known at any point in the history of the world.

We are the one percent. Americans are the one percent.

Realize that, protesters, instead of taking all you have for granted.

This country was built upon freedom — the freedom to become wealthy and prosper. That freedom enables each and every American to become prosperous.

Yes, that includes the 99 percent.

If you don’t like the fact that one percent of Americans have a lot of wealth, man-up, work hard and become part of the one percent.

You have the freedom and the power to do that.

Don’t just stand there and wave your cardboard sign, whining all the while about what you are entitled to. Only fools engage in this type of pathetic behavior.

Wise and powerful men and women realize life isn’t fair; they rise above the entitlement attitude, persevere and achieve greatness.

Protesters (and everyone else): next time you use your cell phone, drive in your car, listen to your iPod or eat your cheeseburger (all of which were made possible by those evil and greedy multi-million dollar corporations, I might add) remember, as a prophet of God admonished, to be grateful.


Christopher Draney 


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