Word to the Ys: October 21


“Avoiding responsibility? No. But, postponing responsibility? Yes.” — Lars Pedersen, on the benefits of traveling the world after college graduation

“Leaving ‘The Sing-Off’ is like going through a horrible breakup and there’s not enough chocolate in the world to make it better.” — Lizzy Early, a member of BYU’s all-girl a cappella group Noteworthy, on what it’s like to get kicked off the popular a cappella show. The show currently features BYU’s all-male a cappella group Vocal Point

“I just can’t be intimidated by the Testing Center ever again.” — Crystal Ke, after attending a recent birthday dance party held in the Testing Center

“I got a trampoline once on a divorce.” — Elder Steven E. Snow, on the unconventional payment methods that came with being a small-town lawyer

“I couldn’t just do it if he wasn’t on it … (because) then I would be that creepy guy waving at other people’s kids.” — Dale Price, a father who, for a whole school year, dressed up in a different costume every day and waved goodbye to his teenage son on the bus. His son now drives or gets rides from friends

“We were shocked when it actually worked.” — Brendon Breede, talking about the new schedule snatcher business, where students hire someone to register them for their classes at the start of the priority registration date

“Things change in the blink of an eye.” – Former BYU quarterback John Beck, after being anointed the Washington Redskins’ starting QB  for last Sunday’s game

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