Utah Farm Bureau holds campaigning seminar


Hilary Norton

For those considering running for a political office, or simply interested in some basic campaign training, Utah Farm Bureau is holding a campaign management seminar Dec. 1 – 2.

The Utah Farm Bureau Federation is the largest organization of farmers and ranchers in the state. Bureau members and directors work together to improve the net farming income for the state and general quality of life for its residents.

This nonpartisan strategy seminar is open to any locals running for everything from a legislative position or Congress to a spot on the local school board. Students are also encouraged to register for the seminar.

Leland Hogan, president of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation, said the seminar is based on the hopes of spreading understanding and promoting involvement.

“The idea came  a number of years ago about getting people involved in the democratic process … and to give them an understanding of the mechanics that need to take place to get elected,” Hogan said.

Instruction at the seminar will be given by Linda Johnson, senior director for policy implementation for the American Farm Bureau Federation and former U.S. Senate aide. Johnson works as a liaison from the national office to the state office.

The bureau also conducts the seminar “to give [people] the opportunity to glean some experience from past people who have run,” Hogan said.

Johnson will teach on building campaign structures, evaluating the electorate, analyzing issues, gaining voter attention and many more topics relevant to future public officers and their campaign managers.

The Utah Farm Bureau team said it will also be a good opportunity for students to involve themselves in the political process. Trevor Antley, a junior studying history, said he and his friends have recently been looking into campaigning opportunities.

“I’ve been interested in learning more about campaign tactics,” Antley said. “I think that I have unique ideas for the campaign process and potential new strategies for candidates.”

For those with political plans and ideas, this seminar is an opportunity to network, market abilities and gain hands-on experience.

The seminar is $125, or $75 for Farm Bureau members, and will be held at the Utah Farm Bureau office, 9865 S. State St. in Salt Lake City.

For more information on the event or to register, visit utfb.fb.org.

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