General Conference (Saturday morning): Sister Barbara Thompson


Sister Barbara Thompson spoke on personal revelation and testimony.

“Often as we grow from childhood to adolescence and then to adulthood, we have challenges and experiences along the way which cause us to know that we need the divine help that comes through the Holy Spirit,” she said.

Sister Thompson said the way to receive revelation is clear.

“We need to desire to receive revelation, we must not harden our hearts, and then we need to ask in faith, truly believe that we will receive an answer, and then diligently keep the commandments of God,” she said.

Sister Thompson said following this pattern does not necessarily mean that every time we ask a question of God the answer will immediately appear.

“However, it does mean that if we diligently keep the commandments and ask in faith, answers will come in the Lord’s own way and in his time,” she said.

Sister Thompson said she has learned that the spirit speaks in many ways.

“Most often personal revelation will come as we study the scriptures, listen to and follow the counsel of the prophets and other Church leaders, and seek to live faithful, righteous lives,” she said.

Sister Thompson said testimonies can fortify and strengthen during times of trial.

“It is our testimony, combined with our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, which helps to get us through these times of trial and hardship,” she said.

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