Letter: Unjust reward


I recently read the article titled, “BYU police give ‘tickets’ to students abiding by rules (9/14).”

I immediately began laughing because this is exactly something BYU would do.

Every day I see bikers breaking the law. They run stop signs, act like a car and then, when convenient,  act like a pedestrian.

I have never seen a police officer enforce the law on bikers. I have never seen them pull over a bike for running a red light, but of course BYU would reward people who walk their bike.

Is it fair to reward people obeying the law, when it is only a select group of people?

I don’t get rewarded for parking my car in between the lines or entering the “enter only” doors and exiting out the “exit only” doors. I don’t get rewarded for not rollerblading on campus or stopping at a crosswalk when a pedestrian is crossing.

Why is it right to reward people for walking their bikes on campus?

Let’s focus on enforcing the law and making Provo a safer place for us all.


Gregory Rosenhan



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