Police Beat, August 24-28


Suspicious Activity

Aug. 28. A suspicious person was reported to be lurking in the shadows at 67th and Wymount around midnight. It was a lost parent of a tenant.

Aug. 28. A white male was seen hiding something outside of the Wilkinson Center. When the officer arrived he found a geo-caching game tucked safely behind a large pine tree.

Welfare Check

Aug. 27. A young male and his girlfriend were reported to be having an “animated conversation” in the Wymount Terrace parking lot, and the woman looked “displeased.” When the officer arrived they assured him they were just working through some problems.


Aug. 26. Several young men were reported to be throwing pebbles off of the hill at Maeser Hill and 500 East.

Property Damage

Aug. 23. Construction Zone equipment went missing from the J. Ruben Clark building.

Aug. 29. A driver’s side window was broken out at Wymount Terrace. However, nothing of value was left in the car so nothing was taken.


Aug. 24. Two iPhones and some pocket change amounting to $2-3 were reported missing from the ASB.


Aug. 25. A woman was struck by a moving vehicle westbound on 2060 North. She walked away with a bruised hip and a lacerated toe.


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