Polynesia is coming to Provo for a Luau


By: Bryce Kunz

Cutline: Although Polynesian dances can be intense, this will be an event for the whole family.

The BYU campus community will have a night like none other as the spirit of the South Pacific and its culture will be presented at the first-ever Luau Pa’ina on Aug. 5.

The BYU Events Management Team, which is sponsoring the event, said they hope people who come will be able to enjoy themselves.

“Usually in August we do a dance, and this is our team trying to do something different,” said Travis Hancock, a member of the Events Management Team.

With coconut cake and pork to entice the freshmen, and native Polynesian dancers to entice everyone else, the organizers hope that not only will BYU students come, but also their families and others of the community.

BYU asked Voice of Polynesia, a dancing group from Utah, to help with the entertainment. Those who attend will see many native dances from Samoa, Tonga and many other Polynesian cultures. Dances will include the Haka as well as something called a Firedance.

Maria Fano, who works with the dancing group, explained that those who are involved are all currently living in Utah, but originated from the islands.

“[Spectators] can expect to see authentic dancing and authentic music from the islands of the South Pacific,” Fano said. “They can also expect to see what the culture of the people from those places is like.”

Food will be served at 7:30 that evening and the show will start at 8 p.m.

Taryn Politis, events specialist with the Events Management Team, said she hopes people who come will enjoy the atmosphere and show.

“I’m most excited for the performances,” Politis said in an email. “We have a really great group coming. They’ve performed here at BYU before and they are always a hit.”

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the Wilkinson Student Center. Tickets are $3 and $10 for the dinner and the show. If purchased at the door, tickets are $5 for the show and $13 for dinner and the show. Additional information is available at events.byu.edu.

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