Letter: Fitness for full-timers


I, like many other students, love to use the fabulous fitness facilities here at BYU to keep myself fit.

This past spring, however, I was not taking classes and was invited by a friend to play basketball in the Smith Fieldhouse.

After playing for about half an hour, we were checked by the students who work at the RB to see if we were full-time students. I did not realize this was the rule and was asked to either pay $20 to play for the rest of Spring Term or leave the facilities.

“Because you are not currently enrolled in classes you cannot play unless you pay $20,” they explained. “Think of it as a cheap gym membership for two months.”

Although I understood them and that it was their job to tell me not to be there, I thought of how I’ve paid thousands of dollars for a full year membership to this “gym.”

I feel like it is somewhat of a double standard as I am still considered a student by other parts of the university but not the sports facilities.

I am still able to use the Internet on campus as a full-time student and I keep the Honor Code as any full-time student would because that is what is required.

I can’t go streaking and then, when confronted by the Honor Code office, say I wasn’t bound to my full commitment because I was not fully enrolled.

I know this is a little extreme of an example, but I just think something can be done so the gym, weight rooms and swimming pools don’t go empty for most of the summer.

Facilities should be available to all BYU students free of cost whether or not they are fully enrolled in school.

Justin King
Lakenheath, England

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