Writing retreat recaptures beauty


It is often difficult to find time to reflect, meditate and connect with those around us. With this goal in mind, BYU Women’s Services and Resources is hosting its second Writing Retreat on July 22.

Brooke Beecher, WSR’s manager, noted how during the spring term, this same retreat was tested out for the first time and was a complete success. She said this new retreat is titled “Recapturing Beauty” and will be an opportunity for students, spouses of students, faculty and staff to unite under a common goal to support, connect and empower each other. The Writing Retreat isn’t really about improving one’s actual writing, but rather to use writing to access  deep inner feelings.

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The "Recapturing Beauty" writing retreat is a chance for women to support, connect and empower each other.
“The Writing Retreat is really a ‘get to know yourself day,’” Beecher said. “The main goal is to help support, connect and empower women against their issues. We want to empower the community, not just the individual.”



Not only will there be an opportunity to find one’s self through writing, but there will also be yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises provided by LaNae Valentine, director of the WSR for 12 years. She said personal reflection goes a long way in relieving personal stress.

“It isn’t often in our busy schedules that we can chisel out a block of time to meditate, reflect and write,” Valentine said. “We know from research that meditation and writing are great ways to get in touch with ourselves, to problem solve and relieve the stress that often plagues us.”

The retreat is designed to allow attendees to understand more about body image, personal power and relationships through writing.

Bianca Rosenhan, the events coordinator, makes sure everything runs smoothly as she plans, prepares and puts each event into action. She said the first retreat went over well.

“The Spring Term Retreat was a very big success,” Rosenhan said. “We had around 25 women there who were able to enjoy a day full of discovering their inner selves through writing, yoga and meditation.”

The event is July 22, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in 5519 WSC.  To register for the event and to receive a complimentary lunch, go to 3326 WSC, email or call 801-422-4877.  There are limited spots left, so requesting one early is recommended.

“I hope that many more women come to the upcoming retreat so they too can discover and surface their inner thoughts and feelings,” Rosenhan said. “It is good for the soul to do this.”

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