Letter: Freedom to scoot


I ordered a Razor scooter at the beginning of the school year last Fall. I knew skateboards weren’t allowed on campus, but I assumed a scooter was like a bike and would be fine.

After a week of naively scootering all over, my friends and I were stopped by Campus Police, who informed us we weren’t allowed to scooter on campus.

BYU students should be able to scoot around as they please, since scooters give students a practical, cheap and easy way to get around.

Razors have a footbrake and handlebars, so why are they classified in the same group as skateboards?

Scooters are very safe — you have a lot of control and can even jump off easily, while still maintaining control.

The only similarity a scooter has with a skateboard is it is easy to carry around and take from place to place — but this is a benefit. People can simply fold and carry their scooters once they arrive at their destination.

Additionally, students don’t have to worry about locking them up or registering them like they do bikes.

On top of this, students will be able to get to class on time. This benefits the professors too, since fewer students will be walking into class late

The university wants to keep students happy, and allowing them to ride scooters would give them a cheap option for transportation.

So please, for the practicality of it all, give us the freedom to scoot.

Emilee Crowder
North Potomac, Md.


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