Letter: Capitalism and Immigration


In response to the author of the delightfully compassionate “No supporting illegals (5/26),” I would like to point out the hypocrisy running across the board on this issue.

Hard-line conservatives want to enforce the law and deport illegals, which seems fine on its own, but at the same time, these most Smithsonian of capitalists want the free market and invisible hand to do their thing, which nowadays means employing people illegally to keep prices artificially low. Yes, you can blame government subsidies for our artificially cheap agricultural products in this country, but everyone will start crying foul once they see how much beef, corn and other staples will cost when the added price of an “honest” wage is worked in.

I’d like to note there will be no Social Security because we refuse to raise taxes to fund it. That’s simple economics.

The truth is, we love government programs so long as we don’t have to pay for them.

There is also no proof that “most illegal Mexicans are bringing drugs,” etc. into the country. This is just stereotyping without any proof.

And what of illegals “using up all of our rights”? What does that even mean? I wasn’t aware that rights were transferable or involved a certain quantity that could be used up.

Do I run the risk of my well of Habeas Corpus uses running dry?

If you love capitalism, then either accept that employing people illegally is necessary for our economy or be willing to increase your overall cost of living because of the inherent higher cost of production from having everyone be legal.

Also, enjoy the tax hikes that will be necessary to fund the deportation of the millions of illegals.

We might have ideals, but ideals without common sense and realistic solutions are useless.

Geoff Openshaw
Alexandria,  Va.



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