Police Beat March 1



    An unknown individual vandalized a men’s bathroom on the bottom floor of the WSC on Monday. The person kicked a partition between two urinals, which tore the partition off the wall, and urinated on it.


    A BYU-logo mouse pad was stolen from a professor’s office. The mouse pad was valued at $4.


    A male student living in Deseret Towers R-Hall called the police Sunday to report his suspicion that someone had been in his room. He became suspicious after returning to find his room cleaner than when he left it. No action was taken.


    A female student’s wedding ring disappeared from the Learning Resource Center in the HBLL on Friday. The ring was described as having a large, round one-half carat diamond with three diamonds on either side and an additional two diamonds at 12 and 4 o’clock around the main diamond. The ring has a white-gold band and has an estimated value of $2,000.


    A fire started in a dumpster in North Wymount Terrace on Sunday. No damage was reported. There was no sign of arson or indication of the cause of the fire.


    A woman called the police Feb. 16 after seeing two BYU grounds crew employees in a van looking through binoculars. The woman suspected the two employees were using the binoculars to peer into apartment windows, but they were actually observing trees as part of their job.


    Two 15-year-old males playing at the tennis courts refused to comply with the court supervisor’s instructions and court rules Feb. 24. BYU police spoke with the juveniles’ parents.

    –compiled by Daniel Jackson

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