Businesses receive recognition


    By Wendy Rupper

    New Utah businesses received recognition at the Utah Valley Entrepreneur”s Forum Thursday, July 8, for substantial growth in less than five years.

    Judged by the UVEF board members based on revenue and job growth, the top 25 Utah businesses were given a plaque and certificate for their achievements during a luncheon at the Provo Marriott.

    Maxtec, the No. 1 Utah business, is an oxygen analysis and distribution company that began in July 2000. Owner Bruce Brierley said the company worked hard to get to this point.

    “I believe our success is that we took a nuts and bolts product, and we tried to bring sizzle into it,” he said. “We made it fun to be a part of, and we took better care of our distributors and our customers than our competitors.”

    Brierley said he was thankful for the influence of the Utah Valley Entrepreneur”s Forum because they work to promote growth in small new businesses.

    “It”s a neat thing for me to see people that wake up with ambition and goals and desires,” Brierley said. “They”re going to go out and do more than 90 percent of everybody else out there.”

    Damon Kirchmeier from UTFC Financing Solutions attended as a sponsor. He said his company is committed to financing strong new companies and is part of the Small Business Investment Company of Salt Lake City.

    “We are very proud to be a title sponsor of UVEF,” Kirchmeier said. “They fit very well with what we are all about – networking, recognition of new businesses, sharing business experiences and promoting free enterprise.”

    The UVEF stressed networking at the luncheon so much that they gave out a $50 massage certificate as an “On Time Award” for businesses that showed up early to mingle with others.

    Many of the top 25 Utah businesses honored at the fifth annual awards luncheon were part of the growing computer industry, such as Advanced Computer Solutions, Allegiance Technologies, and

    However, the No. 5 business, QuicKutz, was a unique product company. They have been operating and manufacturing die-cuts out of Orem for three years and now ship to 1,200 scrapbook distributing stores across the United States.

    “This market is going crazy for us,” said Eric Ruff, president of QuicKutz. “We”re very excited to be growing so fast.”

    Other top five businesses included Next Page, the No. 2 award-winning firm that enables publishers and enterprises to assemble and distribute content online, No. 3 award winner Love Sac, a manufacturer of oversized lounging furniture, founded by University of Utah student Shawn Nelson, and No. 4 Max Stream, a manufacturer of wireless modem networking for electronic devices.

    But despite the awards and financial success, many entrepreneurs are in business just to do what they love doing.

    “For me, it”s not about money; it”s not about creating wealth,” Brierley said. “There”s just something about doing it, seeing something that you believe in become big and successful.”

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