Students respond to 120-ft high complex


    By Tracy Voncannon

    Housing is reaching new heights as a proposed seven-story complex south of campus raises both praises and concerns from BYU students.

    Glen Rowland, an independent contractor who owns Campus Plaza, proposed the new complex Tuesday, July 6, at Provo City”s Municipal meeting.

    “I think it will be a wonderful compliment to the city and to the students, you can”t get any closer than this,” Rowland said of the complex he has designed and hopes to build at 669 E 800 North.

    The complex, which has yet to be named, has not yet been approved by Provo City. Although not yet approved, the proposed building received large acclaim at Tuesday”s meeting.

    The 120-ft. property will sit in front of an 80-ft. hill south of campus. The complex plans to accommodate 636 women and will include two balconies, as well as a large atrium inside, something Rowland said he hopes students can use for various activities.

    Some students worry that with a complex that large, it will be easy for the residents there to isolate themselves from other surrounding complexes.

    “I almost think that it”s too big,” said Jenna Kelly, a senior from Ogden majoring in math education. “It could be too exclusive and it could make the residents not want to get out as much. Overall, I just think it”s too big.”

    Adding on to the size of the complex, Rowland plans on having three levels of underground parking and has not yet decided whether or not to include parking in the rent. Water levels could possibly determine whether or not the parking will have to be above ground.

    Rowland also said he is trying to work with BYU to possibly add another creamery, on the bottom floor of the building although BYU has no comment on the proposed complex. The bottom level will also include a restaurant with a soup and salad bar.

    Shawn Summers, a junior from Rexburg, Idaho, majoring in physiology, said he thinks the proposed complex could be good for students who don”t have cars.

    “If they can pull off building the complex and create more housing closer to campus that”s a good thing,” Summers said. “It will help students who don”t have other modes of transportation.”

    Kent Harris, the main contractor for the building, also designed the new Wells Fargo building on University Avenue. The two buildings will be similar in size and comparable in height.

    Even with the differing opinions, students will have a while to decide their final opinion of the complex since the building has yet to be approved.

    “As a student, I don”t really mind,” said Clark Monson, a junior from Euless, Texas, majoring in accounting. “As long as Provo City approves it, it”s okay.”

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