Four-letter No-No enters television


    Our world is being corrupted at the tip of our fingers. Now, as you change that radio dial or the TV station, thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, you have the opportunity to hear the most vulgar and obscene four-letter word: the “f”-bomb. The FCC has approved the usage of this word as an adjective, not in describing sexual activities, but does it really matter? No matter its context, we are still going to hear it. As this evil floods into the world, we must not grab hold for the ride.

    Evil has been let loose, and it is on a rampage. Back in the day, there was controversy because a belly button was shown on “I Dream of Jeannie.” Taken a glance at the world lately? Our “role models” are dressing scandalously, engaging in immoral activities and using vulgar language. They do so because this is where the business is; this is what the people watch. Can you imagine how much worse it will be for our children? I say lets stop reinforcing this publicly flaunted immorality and take a stand.

    It may not be possible to reverse the actions of the FCC. But we can stand steadfastly in our values, not altering them to fit the fashionable trends of the day. As evil radiates around us and this four-letter word has the chance to become a common adjective on TV and radio, we must not rise to the occasion and support these programs. President Hinckley has said, “We must stand firm. We must hold back the world…We can stand for truth and goodness, and we will not stand alone.” As the world moves towards evil, let us stick to what we know is true and good. Let us not get caught in the flow. Let us stand together.

    Katie Duncan

    Shawnee, Kansas

    Editors note: The FCC overturned this ruling.

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