Check your facts on Kerry, he’s all right


    I respect people’s right to like or dislike candidates. I just feel that they should make their decisions with all the facts. Sadly, Jared Jensen did not have all his facts. Kerry did serve bravely in Vietnam and then voted against the amendment to abolish flag burning. However, I don’t see how this makes him unpatriotic. In my opinion, upholding the Constitution is patriotic.

    You know, our First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech. Personally, I respect Kerry for his service to our country and his principles. As far as abortion goes, he supports the Roe vs. Wade. He represents his constituency. Basically, he does his job.

    Finally, his position on gay marriage. If Mr. Jensen had done his research, he would find that Kerry is against gay marriage. The reason that he voted against the measure is that he felt that it was homophobic and that the Senate discussion was nothing more than gay bashing. These are things that Kerry is against. Personally I think that it is honorable that Kerry stands up against these things. I know that the majority of BYU students don’t have a problem with gay bashing, but I do, and I am glad that Kerry does also.

    Personally, I think that Kerry’s voting record shows his courage. He is honest about his opinions and is unafraid to show the public what he believes in, even when he is on the loosing side. He is true to his principles and does not lie to the people. Mr. Jensen did not look at Kerry’s opinions of the economy or foreign policy, issues which are more important in running a country. I am proud that Kerry is my senator. I voted him into the Senate and will vote for him for president.

    Julie Andrus

    Hingham, Mass.

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