Housing Fair attracts students looking for perks and good deals


    By Jon Ryskamp

    Free ice cream, candy and even money lured students to the BYU Housing Fair Thursday, Jan. 29.

    Representatives of various apartment complexes handed out these goodies in order to attract students” attention and inform them of the facilities.

    Some of the goods that were handed out for free included soft-serve ice cream, donuts, full-size candy bars and even dollar bills.

    “We are handing out dollar bills because you save a lot of dollars when you sign up for our apartment complexes,” said Jessica Mosteller, manager of Terrace Apartments. “They are new dollar bills — brand new. I am ripping them off the stack as people come.”

    The booths also hosted games and contests, including dart throwing and a fishing contest in which winners received a “Finding Nemo” DVD or a fishing pole.

    Each of the apartment representatives also informed students about the perks of their complexes.

    “Last winter semester we had the highest marriage rate at BYU,” said Meghan MacAskill, assistant manager of the Elms Apartments. “I met my husband at the Elms … and about 25 years ago my dad and mom met at the Elms also.”

    Glenwood Apartments offered mini CD-ROMS that include pictures of the apartments, a link to the Web site and a copy of a contract.

    The BYU Housing Fair gave students a chance to compare housing options for a variety of apartment complexes in one location.

    “I really liked the housing fair because it gave me a lot of information on the different choices that I have,” said Brandae Mosley, a junior from Semi Valley, Calif. “You get a lot of information about prices … so that you don”t have to go meandering throughout Utah looking for a place to live.”

    Sarah Eckerson, a junior from Pittsburgh, Pa., said her favorite part was being able to compare prices between apartments.

    “I think it is good because I didn”t know the prices of a lot of places before,” Eckerson said. “I didn”t realize there are a lot of places that are the same price or cheaper than where I am living now-I thought I was living in the cheapest place. And, I got a free dollar bill.”

    Off-Campus Housing created the BYU Housing Fair with the intent of educating students about their housing options.

    “That”s what we wanted-was to reach the students,” said Off-Campus Housing official Pat Brann “It gives them a chance to see a variety.”

    Off-Campus Housing officials said they considered the event to be a success.

    “I think it went well,” Brann said. “We”ve had a bigger turnout than expected. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, which is good.”

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