Campus-wide FHE tonight


    By Kathleen Waterfall

    Although the event includes a lesson, games and family business, this week”s family home evening will be extraordinarily different when refreshments are provided for thousands, it takes place in a huge arena and it happens on a Wednesday night. Family home evening gone wrong? Think again.

    The BYU Student Service Association is hosting a campus home evening today at 7 p.m. in the Marriott Center. All of the BYU family — students, faculty and community — are invited to participate.

    “The goal of campus home evening is two-fold,” said Dave Johnson, BYUSA president. “In the past, the president of BYU usually works with students on an administrative level or spiritual level at Devotional. At campus home evening, President Samuelson will work on spiritual, interactive and administrative levels with students.”

    “We are a campus family. As a family, it is important to know our leader.”

    In order to become better acquainted with President and Sister Samuelson, a 15-minute question and answer period will take place. The question and answer period is designed to create a friendly, family-type atmosphere with President Samuelson, instead of merely an administrative atmosphere, said Kasey Madsen, vice-president of campus activities.

    President Samuelson will teach a lesson as well as challenge members of the Pre-Med Club to a game of Operation.

    “Playing Operation is to give insight to when President Samuelson was a physician and to show how he got to where he is today,” Madsen said. “It”s also to help him interact with the students on a personal level.”

    In taking care of family business, Sister Samuelson will discuss what unites the BYU student body and what each student can do to reach his or her potential.

    Home evening, of course would not be complete without refreshments. With a family the size of an entire university, campus home evening will provide enough refreshments for 10,000 people. Although it is not the typical family night, Johnson said it will be “campustastic!”

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